The 7 Things You Need to Know When Picking Your Wedding Date

Psst: You don’t have to know RIGHT away


Here is this wild thing that happens the second you announce your engagement (and before you’re even close to picking your wedding date). People (apparently hearing only static in their brains) look at your brand new ring, and ask you, “So when is the big day?” I’m never sure if they think you might have planned a wedding before you decided you were getting married… or if they think you pulled together the whole thing during the half hour car ride to your mom’s house to show off your ring(s). But since picking your wedding date is no longer as easy as calling your local house of worship and asking them what Saturday in June they have free, we polled our (super smart) readers and came up with some critical things you need to consider while picking your wedding date.

Let’s start with what is, for most of us, the be-all and end-all of picking your wedding date:


YOUR VENUE’S CALENDAR: Knowing where you want to get married is almost always a top-level concern when it comes to picking your wedding date. Sure, you might really want to get married on 7/7/17, but you have to find a venue that’s free that day, so wait a second before you monogram that date on all your silver. The truth is that venues, particularly ones that are in high demand (or have low prices) can book up way in advance. One reader explained it this way:

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